7 Must-Attend Sessions at Henry Stewart DAM New York

7 Must-Attend Sessions at Henry Stewart DAM New York

With only a few days until Henry Stewart DAM New York 2018, it’s time to start thinking about your schedule! On May 3rd and 4th, you’ll be joining hundreds who are seeking to learn more about DAM from over 100 speakers and 60 sessions - where do you start?

In this post, we’ve compiled 7 must-see sessions to attend while at the show that cover main focus areas, including metadata best practices, how to select a DAM system, the future of digital asset management and understanding the DAM journey.

Let’s take a look!

1. Constructing Purpose-Built Creative Teams

Thursday, May 3, 10:10 -10:40am

Sarah Juselius, Director of Creative Operations at DraftKings
Bill Weiss, Director of Creative Operations at HelloFresh

Who should attend: Organizations who have large-scale, multi-skilled teams that coincide or work with other departments.

Why: With the growing number of channels used in the marketplace today, there’s an increased demand for complex teams with a diverse skill set. This session made our list, as Sarah Juselius and Bill Weiss tackle these challenges head-on, by diving into what’s required from teams today, in terms of understanding brand, addressing challenges and remaining efficient, and discussing how to build a dimensional team that’s ready for future growth and success.

2. Blockchain and the Future of DAM

Thursday, May 3, 11:20 -11:50am

Jean Lozano, CTO at MediaValet
Ralph Windsor, Project Director at Daydream and Editor at DAM News

Who should attend: Organizations looking to understand how blockchain will impact the digital asset management industry.

Why: With DAM evolving to manage the entire lifecycle of digital media assets, blockchain technology is becoming a necessity in the DAM market. In this session, Jean Lozano and Ralph Windsor will discuss the vision for blockchain in the DAM industry and explore the potential use-cases and challenges that blockchain could bring. It's a must-see for forward-thinkers in the DAM space!

3. Moving up the Marketing Metadata Maturity Curve

Thursday, May 3, 2:50 - 3:40pm

Stephanie Lemieux, President & Principal Consultant at Dovecot Studio

Leah Hammes, Global Digital Content Manager at McCormick & Co.
Francisco Ruiz, SVP Practice Development at EMMsphere

Who should attend: Organizations or teams that are struggling to organize assets within a DAM and are looking for a solution that works for all departments.

Why: Moving up the Marketing Metadata Maturity Curve will tackle the well-known challenge of harmonizing metadata across marketing and IT teams. The panel will showcase different organizations at different levels of maturity, who have deployed metadata standards and taxonomies. This session will include tips to help you get started, figure out who should be involved, and define responsibilities – be sure to attend!

4. Metadata & Taxonomy: The “Lifeblood” of DAM

Thursday, May 3, 4:20 - 5:30pm

John Horodyski, Partner at Optimity Advisors

Who should attend: Organizations who have recently purchased or are planning to purchase a DAM and want to know how to confidently organize assets in a DAM.

Why: In this session, John Horodyski gives insights to the fundamentals of metadata and taxonomy. We’re including this session in our list to attend, as it includes interactive exercises that will help companies build a solid foundation to better communicate requirements for a DAM and how it will impact your metadata and taxonomy.

5. How to Select the Right DAM

Friday, May 4, 9:00 - 9:30am

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director at Real Story Group

Who should attend: Organizations in the early stages of selecting a DAM vendor.

Why: In this session, Jarrod Gingras weighs in on how it’s important to stop asking yourself “What is the BEST digital asset management system” and instead ask “Which DAM is the best for you and your organization.” Gingras will also provide thorough insight to the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace and give a high-level view of what each DAM vendor can offer you in 2018.

6. What is the Real DAM Journey? From Realizing You Need One to Optimizing Your DAM

Friday, May 4, 11:20 - 12:20pm

Liana Cave, Senior Manager, Digital Asset Management at Hilton
Anthony Marshall, Digital Marketing Lead – Digital Content Management at Kraft Heinz Company

Who should attend: Those who are in the stages of purchasing a DAM or who want to optimize their current DAM.

Why: While DAM is used as a foundation for content agility, it’s often not being optimized to meet its full potential. Join Anthony Marshall and Liana Cave, as they discuss when you should consider investing in a DAM and how you can optimize it for the future.  We chose this session, as it is perfect for anyone about to embark on their journey in DAM and for those who are already on the road.

7. You’re Darn (RIGHT) – They’re Important! A Practical Session About Rights and DAM

Friday, May 4, 2:20 - 3:50pm

David Lipsey, Conference Chair

Theresa Daigle, Associate Director, Global Marketing Systems & Suppliers at Merck & Co.
Greg Fioravanti, Vice President, Business Affairs at Discovery Communications
Shelley Meeks, Content Network Director at Hearst Magazines
Michael Weeman, Global Senior Director of Digital Marketing Capabilities, Assets and Content at The Coca-Cola Company
Kenneth Wilson, Associate Manager of Communication Libraries & DAM at Kohler Co.

Who should attend: Organizations that use and store consumer data and/or need multi-level permission structures.

Why: With technology comes the ever-increasing role of rights, but how does this relate to digital asset management? In this session, the panel will give insight on how the need for rights management is growing exponentially and how it relates to DAM. We encourage everyone to attend this session, rights management is becoming an increasingly important topic that will impact companies of all sizes and industries.

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