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6 Dam twitter Accounts
DAM Basics

6 Must-Follow DAM Influencers on Twitter

  • 3 min read

In the past few months, Digital Asset Management has been on the radar more than ever, but many marketers have been thinking the same thing: Where do I begin? How do I know if DAM is right for me? Why does my content need metatags?! If you’re one of many people starting to explore the world of DAM, fear not! There are many resources that can help you on your DAM adventure and to get you started, we’ve compiled our top 6 DAM Tweeters to connect you with articles, webinars and more that will take you from a digital asset newbie, to a DAM Superstar!

Henrik de Gyor (@hgg101) is the founder of Another DAM Consultancy and is an active digital asset management evangelist through his website, Another DAM Blog. On his Twitter you’ll find links to his recent blog posts, podcasts and other useful information for your DAM ventures. With multiple years of digital asset management experience, and a few DAM book contributions under his belt, he’s one of the top people to follow.

Tim Strehle (@PlanetDAM) is a Web Developer from Hamberg who has a keen interest in digital asset management. His Twitter feed is filled with the latest and greatest blog posts, videos and research from DAM providers, consultants and evangelists. His feed makes it easy to find useful and relevant DAM content from reliable sources.

Deb Fanslow (@DAMLibrarian) is another great DAM influencer to follow. As the founder of The Dam Directory and an active contributor to DAM News, she really knows her stuff, and shares her knowledge through the blogs, webinars and insights on her feed.

Jeff Lawrence (@jlawrence6067) is the Delivery Director for Celerity out of Washington, DC. In addition to his posts on digital marketing, he also shares a lot of great insights into the importance of a DAM and how to make it work for your company. Follow him for blog posts and articles on DAM, design and online marketing.

Theresa Regli (@TheresaRegli) is another knowledgable Tweeter to keep your eyes on. Formerly the Principal Analyst and Managing Partner of Real Story Group, she’s an expert in upcoming marketing technology, and digital asset management is one of the key topics she posts about. On her feed you’ll find webinar invites, insights and links to the latest DAM articles.

David MacLaren (@ContentGuy) is the CEO of MediaValet and has an avid interest in all things technology. In addition to DAM resources, he also posts links about the latest and greatest technologies, as well as what’s new in the content marketing world. If you have an interest in digital marketing, DAM or the newest tech, he’s the guy to follow.


Henry Stewart DAM Events (@henrystewartdam) is a great Twitter to follow if you’re looking to learn more about digital asset management, and would rather talk with a real person than read an article. They post all their upcoming events & webinars centred around – you guessed it – DAM. It’s a great resource to use when you have an extra hour to spare for a webinar, or if you’d like to spend a few days at a convention learning more about DAM and meeting some vendors.

These are just a few of the resources available to keep you up to date on latest DAM developments. If you're looking to learn more on the basics of digital asset management, check out Digital Asset Management 101.

Carlie Hill

Sr. Manager of Content Strategy at MediaValet

Carlie Hill